This is a first class estate producing one of the very best of Burgundy's Grand Cru wines.

Clive Coates

There are no secrets or magic tricks. Low yields, late harvesting for greater ripeness, more intensity, maximum quality control and a philosophy of winemaking according to the strictest laws of purity are key to greatness in wines that don’t have to wait to be consumed.

Sylvain Pitiot

Clos de Tart LabelAbout Clos de Tart

The Clos de Tart was founded in 1141 by the Tart Abbey Bernardine sisters, a branch of the nearby Cistercian congregation.

In 1791, the Clos de Tart was originally purchased by the Marey-Monge family. Later it was acquired by the Mommessin family, from the Mâconnais, who then became the sole owners of this estate.

The Clos de Tart is a single plot of land covering 7.53 hectares of vines located on the Morey-Saint-Denis terroir in the Côte de Nuits.

Since its creation, this Clos has never been parcelled out and it is presently the largest Grand Cru classified property with a single owner in all of Burgundy.

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2015 Vintage – Jun 15, 2017
2014 Vintage – Jul 15, 2016
2013 Vintage – Aug 27, 2015
2012 Vintage – Jul 01, 2014
2011 Vintage – Jun 27, 2013
Library Offer 96/99/01 – Oct 10, 2012
2010 Vintage – May 30, 2012
2008 and 2009 Vintages – Jan 13, 2012


Morey-Saint-Denis, Burgundy, France


  • Region: Morey-Saint-Denis, Burgundy
  • Year Founded: 1141
  • Name Of Proprietor: Mommessin Family
  • Name Of Winemaker: Sylvain Pitiot
  • Offer Schedule: Fall
  • Cultivated Area: 7.53 hectares monopole
  • Topography: East-south-east facing slopes
  • Soil Type: Clay limestone
  • Annual Production: 22,000 bottles
  • Varieties Cultivated: Pinot Noir