How does VinConnect work?

VinConnect works closely with many leading European wineries to create and manage mailing list and club programs that enable U.S. customers like you to buy wine directly from them (through us).

Each winery has its own mailing list, and selects wines to offer via email to you 1-3 times per year.  Following your order, your wine is then transferred to the U.S., forwarded along to our warehouse, and shipped on to you.

It’s free to join, and you have no obligation to order nor any minimum purchase requirement.

How do I get started?

1) Go to Join VinConnect and select wineries you wish to receive offers from. Detailed information on each winery is available in the “Wineries” tab, and it’s all summarized in a single table for easy reference.

2) Enter your email address and other information.

3) Begin receiving periodic news and offers directly from those wineries.  It’s that simple!

How do I order?

1) When you receive an allocation email, use the secure online order form prior to the offer deadline (usually ~10 days). Offers also include any quantity discount, as well as an estimate of the delivery timeline, which depends on the winery, the offer, and the season (and typically ranges from 2 to 12 weeks) (see Shipping).

2) When the wine arrives in our warehouse, we will contact you to re-confirm your delivery details prior to shipping.

What about winery visits and special events?

1) As a customer of these wineries, you will typically receive preferred tours and special tastings in the event that you wish to visit.  You can contact them directly, or we at VinConnect would be happy to help you make arrangements.

2) You may also periodically receive invitations to special events like dinners and tastings with the winery principals when they visit the U.S.  These can be fantastic opportunities to meet with and get to know the wonderful people behind these amazing wines.