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Basilicata, Italy

Elena Fucci

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Elena Fucci

I cannot exaggerate how impressed I am by her wines. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right.

Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate

Aglianico del Vulture is potentially one of the world’s—not just Italy’s—greatest wines and no single bottling demonstrates its quality better than the Titolo.

Ian D’Agata, Vinous Media

About Elena Fucci

Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci is located on the extinct volcano Mount Vulture in southern Italy’s Basilicata region. The vineyards surrounding the family home had been purchased by Elena’s grandfather Generoso in the 1960s. For decades, the six hectares of vines were cultivated for the sole purpose of selling the grapes on the local market and to northern Italy. When the family discussed selling off the vines in the late 1990s, Elena made the decision to turn to winemaking, saving the vineyards and staking everything on making a single wine: TITOLO.

TITOLO is a top-quality wine that best represents the characteristics of the Aglianico grape and the territory of the Vulture. Her vineyards are located in the Contrada Solagna del Titolo, considered the top cru of the region. In this mountainous, inland area at an altitude of 600 meters, this contrada is composed of a type of volcanic terrain with a strong mineral soil, dark in color and pozzolanic, which clearly catalogues in its layers the history and life of the Vulture volcano: The various lava flows, lapilli (volcanic pebbles), and ash are interspersed with layers of loam and clay from more dormant periods.

The near-perfect south and southeastern exposure of the vines are in the optimal zone for ripening of the rather tannic Aglianico grape. Elena’s viticultural philosophy reflects a complete respect for nature and its cycles without the use of chemicals; even the vines are tied up with broom fibers that are dried during the summer. These methods stem from her family’s history in this place and the knowledge that has been passed down from past generations; Generoso, at 86 years old, still personally takes care of the vineyard on a daily basis. As one might expect, TITOLO is made exclusively from her own grapes.

From a winemaking perspective, her interpretation of the territory has been defined as traditional with modern touches, with temperature control during fermentation to preserve the strong, distinct aromas, and aging in oak. The winery was recently expanded with a new structure adjacent to the original one, which is accessible through a tunnel carved through the volcanic rock. The new addition was constructed in an ecologically-friendly manner by utilizing recycled and recovered materials, installing thermal insulation, and utilizing natural ventilation, all of which reduce the environmental impact and energy consumption to zero. The winery is equipped with the most modern technology available to ensure the best conditions possible to produce TITOLO.

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Region:  Basilicata, Italy

Year Founded:  2000

Name Of Proprietor:  Elena Fucci

Name Of Winemaker:  Elena Fucci

Offer Schedule:  Mid-year

Cultivated Area:  6 hectares (15 acres)

Topography:  Hills

Soil Type:  Volcanic lava and ash mix locally called “pozzolana”

Annual Production:  25,000 bottles

Varieties Cultivated:  Aglianico del Vulture


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