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At VinConnect, we understand that buying wine in the U.S. can be a complex and sometimes frustrating process.  That is why we are working with the best in the business to make your experience as straightforward as possible.

The foremost specialists in the law as it relates to all aspects of the production, distribution and sale of wine.  They work closely with many of the top wineries, importers, distributors and retailers in addressing the full spectrum of legal issues unique to the industry.

Processes direct shipments for more than 2,000 wine brands across the U.S. They maintain the industry’s most accurate and up to date database of direct shipping rules, enabling real-time compliance checks and auto-populated state shipping and tax reports.

The largest shipper of wine in North America for the direct-to-consumer market. They have a national presence serving the highest quality wineries, marketers and retailers in the industry.

The unrivaled wine storage service and logistics company in the U.S. Their highly qualified team of wine experts offers customized lockers, inventory services, disaster assistance, consolidated shipping, wine insurance and logistical expertise to fine wine collectors worldwide. With locations in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Napa and St. Louis, they serve a range of customers throughout the U.S.

Dedicated to the efficient and cost-effective shipping of beverages since 1844. When transporting precious wines and spirits, the global beverage industry has come to rely on their comprehensive logistics services.