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Gattinara, Alto Piemonte, Italy


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The Travaglini Family

Travaglini remains a family business that continues to tell, through our wines, the effort and passion, a beautiful Italian history.

Cinzia Travaglini

Travaglini is one of the historic names in Gattinara. At their best, the wines can age effortlessly for decades.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

About Travaglini

The Travaglini family has owned land in the village of Gattinara since the beginning of the 19th century. Tucked into the rocky foothills of the Monte Rosa mountain range, this area of Alto Piemonte was once one of the most important areas of wine production in the world, pre-dating the rise of Barolo to the south. It is here that the Travaglini family established a reputation as one of the most important and iconic producers in Alto Piemonte and the defining producer in Gattinara.

The end of the 19th century was not kind to the region, which was decimated by the Phylloxera plague and then later a devastating hailstorm, all but ending viticulture in Gattinara. As farmers slowly came back to the land, the Travaglini family acquired a few hectares and produced wine for local consumption. In the 1920s, Clemente Travaglini established a small winery to produce Nebbiolo-based wines.

It was not until 1958 that Clemente’s grandson, Giancarlo, established the eponymous Travaglini Estate Winery. Recognizing the true potential for Nebbiolo in this area, Giancarlo executed groundbreaking changes in his family’s vineyards and cellar, introducing to the region high-density planting, 100% hand-harvesting and Guyot vine training. Travaglini was also the first producer in Gattinara to use barriques in the aging of Nebbiolo. It was the work of Giancarlo and the reputation of the Travaglini Estate that helped Gattinara achieve DOC status in 1967 – among the first in Italy – and then DOCG status in 1990.

Today the estate is operated under the direction of 4th generation Cinzia Travaglini, with her husband Massimo Collauto, who is chief winemaker. The Travaglini family owns 59 hectares, most of which are planted to Nebbiolo and a small amount to old vines of native varieties Vespolina and Bonarda. The location of the family’s vineyards in Gattinara is perfect for the production of Nebbiolo as the soils at the base of the Monte Rosa range are quite rocky, rich in granite and iron, with low levels of calcium, which impart high acidity and refined tannins in the wines. The huge temperature swings between seasons and diurnal shifts stress the vines to create beautiful concentration and balance.

The wines of Travaglini are some of the most recognized in Italy and the #1 selling wine from Gattinara around the world. The recognition starts with their iconic bottle shape. Specially designed by Giancarlo in 1958, the unique shape fits naturally in the palm of the hand and serves to catch sediment during decanting.

Travaglini produces a classic DOCG Nebbiolo, a Riserva from vines more than 60 years old that is aged for a minimum of 5 years before release, and their most iconic wine – TreVigne. This 100% Nebbiolo is sourced from three “cru” single vineyards of Travaglini’s estate and is considered the benchmark wine of the Gattinara DOCG.

The wines of Travaglini are some of the most stunning, traditional examples of Nebbiolo from Piemonte and recognized around the world for their quality and ageability. Great examples of their wines will develop for decades and this iconic bottle is a perfect addition to any cellar.

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Region:  Gattinara, Alto Piemonte, Italy

Year Founded:  1920s

Owner:  The Travaglini Family

Name of Winemakerer:  Massimo Collauto

Offer Schedule:  TBD

Cultivated Area:  44 ha (110 acres)

Topography:  Mountain foothills

Soil Type:  Rocky, with low calcium

Annual Production:  ~20,000 cases

Varieties Cultivated:  Principally Nebbiolo, plus some native varieties


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