Alto Adige, Italy

Alois Lageder

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Familie Lageder

Familie Lageder

Past Releases

2020 Vintage Spring Release
April 26, 2022

Inaugural Release
October 7, 2021

Familie Lageder

We are seeking crispness, freshness and vitality in our wines. This is why we can’t rest to experiment and work as close to nature as possible.

Alois Clemens Lageder

The Lageder family has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, solidifying its reputation as one of Italy's very first biodynamic wine estates several decades ago.

Monica Larner, Robert Parker Wine Advocate

About Alois Lageder

The family winery Alois Lageder produces crisp and lively wines from Alto Adige. The winery is committed to biodynamic agriculture. Founded in 1823, today the winery is in the hands of the family’s fifth and sixth generation.

“Wine is not only a product of nature, but an expression of our mental attitude.”

With creativity and an experimental spirit, Alois Lageder creates wines that reflect the diversity of Alto Adige. The winery is committed to biodynamic agriculture, which is the most coherent way of working with nature.

A farm should be seen as an enclosed microcosm containing a variety of plants and animals. This is why the winery has cows and sheep grazing through the vineyards during the autumn and winter months. The 135 acres family-owned vineyards have been farmed biodynamically since 2004.

In addition to the family-owned vineyards, the winery collaborates with around 80 grape growers from the whole region. The goal is to motivate those partners to organic and biodynamic farming.

The alliances help to make use of the vast diversity Alto Adige has to offer. The landscape of Alto Adige is utterly captivating, characterized by a contrasting and diverse geology, microclimate, and culture. The terrain ranges from 200 to 3,904 meters (656 to 12,808 feet) above sea level and is home to several language groups: 62% German, 23% Italian, 5% Ladin, 10% other. Both the Dolomites and the porphyritic rock formations around Bolzano shape the landscape. The result: more than 25 grape varieties that respond to the sheer diversity of terroirs.

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Location:  Magré, Alto Adige, Italy

Year Founded:  1823

Owner(s):  The Lageder Family

Winemaker(s):  Alois Clemens Lageder, Jo Pfisterer & Paola Tenaglia

Release Schedule: Varies

Cultivated Area:  56 hectares (135 acres)

Viticulture:  Biodynamic

Topography:  Alpine hill and mountainsides

Soil Type:  Dolomitic limestone, volcanic porphyry rocks, quartzite, moraine deposit, alluvial and sandy soils

Annual Production:  ~80,000 cases

Varieties Cultivated:  International varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Noir; indigenous ones such as Gewürztraminer, Schiava, Lagrein; and more “exotic” varieties such as Petit Manseng, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Assyrtiko and many more.


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