Customer Referrals

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to have many customers who have enjoyed their relationships with VinConnect and our partner wineries refer their friends to us. We greatly appreciate that, and have been looking for a means to reward our supporters for spreading the good word and helping us grow.  After months of evaluating options, we’ve come up with a system to reward you for recommending VinConnect to your friends, while providing a nice incentive to the new members for purchasing through us.

Here’s how it works:  if you refer someone to VinConnect, we will happily provide that customer with a 10% discount on their first order just for trying our service.  Once that happens, VinConnect will then give you an automatic 10% credit on your next order as a way of saying thank you for your recommendation.  All of this will be tracked by VinConnect and be implemented automatically — unlike other merchants there are no codes to share or keep track of.

We hope you and your friends will welcome this show of our appreciation for your kind words and encouragement, and that together we can all continue to enjoy the great wines, relationships and experiences that VinConnect is able to offer.