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Piedmont and Tuscany, Italy

La Spinetta

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One of Italy’s most fashionable winemakers/proprietors, Giorgio Rivetti displays a masterful touch whether he is making Barbera, Moscato d’Asti, or his proprietary red wine Pin.

Robert Parker

A great winemaker has to have the mentality of a farmer. That’s the only way to truly understand the wines. So, please don’t call me a winemaker, call me a farmer.

Giorgio Rivetti, Proprietor

About La Spinetta

Founded in 1977 by Giuseppe (“Pin”) and Lidia Rivetti, La Spinetta was first known for their production of excellent Moscato d’Asti wines. After several years they introduced red varieties Barbera and Nebbiolo to the production, the beginning of what was to become a great adventure. In just over thirty years, through the acquisition of carefully selected vineyards and dedication to excellence, La Spinetta has reached the apex of quality and recognition around the world, producing a wide range of wines from their three different estates: the original La Spinetta cellar in Castagnole delle Lanze, Campé in Grinzane Cavour, and Casanova in Tuscany.

The philosophy behind La Spinetta’s wines stems from distinction in the vineyards and the dedication to indigenous grape varieties; the Rivetti family is continuously striving to produce the purest expression of territory whether in Piedmont or Tuscany. Great care is taken in the vineyards throughout the growing cycle, carrying out multiple green harvests, utilizing only natural fertilizers and keeping the use of machinery to a minimum as well (horses are used as much as possible, also useful for their nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous-rich “fertilizer”). In the cellar, technology and innovation meet years of experience and passion to create wines that reflect the vineyards and the soil, not the hand of the winemaker.

The newest addition to the La Spinetta ensemble is the historic 1867 Contratto winery in Canelli, Italy’s first producer of traditional method (metodo classico) sparkling wines. Officially acquiring the property in 2011, Giorgio Rivetti has re-launched this classic Italian brand, producing top-quality Italian sparkling wines and vermouths alongside La Spinetta’s other already well-loved and celebrated wines.

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Region:  Piedmont (Castagnole delle Lanze and Grinzane Cavour) and Tuscany (Terricciolo), Italy

Year Founded:  1977

Name Of Proprietor(s):  Carlo, Bruno, and Giorgio Rivetti (brothers)

Name Of Winemaker(s):  Giorgio Rivetti, Andrea Rivetti, Stefano Mazzetta, Mirko Bessi

Offer Schedule:  Barbaresco and Barolo wines — late Spring; Tuscan wines — early Spring

Cultivated Area:  100 hectares in Piedmont (247 acres) and 65 hectares (160 acres) in Tuscany

Topography:  Various, depending on the vineyard and region

Soil Type:  Various, depending on the vineyard and region, but generally calcareous in Barolo and Barbaresco, calcareous and sandy in Moscato, and calcareous with ocean sediments in Tuscany

Annual Production:  450,000 bottles (Piedmont) and 200,000 bottles (Tuscany)

Varieties Cultivated:  Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Moscato, Vermentino, Colorino


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