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Schloss Johannisberg

About Schloss Johannisberg Schloss Johannisberg enjoys a unique legacy of nearly 1,200 years of history. The first documented wine harvest on this site was in A.D. 817. Nearly three centuries later, the first Benedictine monastery in the Rheingau was founded on the hilltop and the monks diligently tended the vines on the slopes below. In […]

SA Prüm

About SA Prüm S.A. Prüm, rooted in Mosel history since 1156, was founded in 1911 by Sebastian Alois Prüm. As a founding member of the Association of German Premium Wineries (VDP), Prüm has played a key role in establishing Germany’s stringent quality standards, elevating the global recognition of German wines. In 1971, Raimund “The Red” […]

Markus Molitor

About Markus Molitor Markus Molitor was just 20 years old in 1984 when he took control of his father’s winery, becoming the family’s eighth generation to pursue this calling. Even at such a young age he had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish. His ultimate goal was to produce Rieslings from Germany’s […]


Johannes Leitz

About Letiz The winemaking history of the Leitz family from Rüdesheim dates back to 1744. It was Josef Leitz who re-built his family’s original winery site after a bombing raid on the area during World War II. Josef’s son Antonius had briefly taken ownership of the winery before his premature death in 1966, which then […]

Maximin Grünhaus

Maximin Von Schubert

About Maximin Grünhaus This legendary estate, whose existence can be traced back to the late 10th century (966 to be exact) is located in the heart of the Ruwer valley just upstream from where the Ruwer merges with the famous Mosel river. For over eight centuries the winery was owned and operated by the Benedictine […]

Robert Weil

Robert Weil Proprietor Wilhelm Weil

About Robert Weil Weingut Robert Weil, considered one of the Rheingau’s younger wine estates, was founded in 1875 in the small village of Kiedrich, about an hour west of Frankfurt along the Rhein River by Dr. Robert Weil, a German professor at the Sorbonne turned journalist and finally, winegrower. Today, Dr. Robert Weil’s great-grandson Wilhelm […]

Dr. Loosen

Dr. Loosen Proprietor Erni Loosen

About Dr. Loosen This exceptional estate, which produces some of the purest and highest quality Rieslings in Germany, has been in the Loosen family for over two centuries. The most recent member of the family to take charge of the winery, Ernst Loosen, took over in 1988, leaving behind a promising career in archaeology to […]