Title: Director of Social Media and Winery/Consumer Marketing


VinConnect works with 70+ of the world’s best-known international wineries helping them to sell direct to consumers in the U.S.  Founded in 2011, VinConnect has rapidly grown by providing exceptional marketing and logistics services to wineries and their most passionate U.S. customers.  We are looking for a part-time person to assume responsibility for our social media and winery list-building efforts, which have had only modest focus in the recent past. 


We envision this as a part-time position, ~10 hours per week, split between the responsibilities listed below. Ideally the candidate will reside in a major wine region in Europe, and have the ability to travel 2 to 3 days every other month for in-person winery visits.


This position will have two main areas of responsibility: 

  1. Develop and execute VinConnect’s social media strategy
    1. Current strategy
      1. Repost winery partner content
      2. Generate occasional VinConnect content
    2. Other strategic ideas/opportunities
  2. Work with our winery partners to coordinate their consumer data gathering across various channels to build their U.S. mailing lists
    1. Hospitality (sheets, cards, website, MailChimp app on iPad)
    2. Website (newsletter signup with appropriate fields, underlying database)
    3. Social media (monitor for re-posting, get them to post about newsletter)
    4. Consumer events (QR codes, signup sheets, schedules) 


Attributes of the ideal candidate:

  1. Strong wine social media experience/expertise
  2. Knowledge of and experience in winery marketing and hospitality
  3. Understanding of U.S. direct-to-consumer wine marketing and sales
  4. Complete fluency in English, likely U.S.-educated
  5. Conversational in French, Italian and/or Spanish
  6. Living in a major wine region in Europe
  7. Ability to work independently, with frequent and straightforward communication


We are a small, geographically-distributed team of wine, operations and logistics experts, and would love a strong candidate to join our team. This is an exceptional opportunity to work closely with 70+ of the world’s best and most-renowned wineries on a project of great strategic importance to them.


If interested, please send a cover letter and CV to ksidders@vinconnect.com.