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Mosel Valley, Germany

SA Prüm

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SA Prüm Wine Cellar

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SA Prüm Wine Cellar

SA Prüm

About SA Prüm

S.A. Prüm, rooted in Mosel history since 1156, was founded in 1911 by Sebastian Alois Prüm. As a founding member of the Association of German Premium Wineries (VDP), Prüm has played a key role in establishing Germany’s stringent quality standards, elevating the global recognition of German wines.

In 1971, Raimund “The Red” Prüm, Sebastian’s grandson, assumed the role of head winemaker and embarked on expanding the estate from 3.5ha to over 30ha, with a focus on Riesling. Prüm is celebrated for its outstanding dry and sweet Rieslings, sourced from prestigious Mosel vineyards, including the historic Wehlener Sonnenuhr. This vineyard, named after a 1842 sundial painting by a Prüm ancestor, boasts vines over 80 years old and mineral-rich slate soils, resulting in some of Germany’s most highly coveted Rieslings.

Prüm’s global reputation for terroir-driven wines is a direct outcome of Raimund’s dedication to vineyard management. He pioneered organic fertilization in the region and is exceptionally meticulous in hand-picking each cluster while enforcing strict yield control measures.

In 2017, Raimund passed the S.A. Prüm estate to his daughter Saskia, who is now the lead winemaker. While Raimund and his wife Pirjo (the estate sommelier) remain publicly involved in the winery, Saskia (the estate’s first female owner) has played a pivotal role in earning global recognition for their wines and enhancing their cellar and hospitality offerings.

Visitors to the region can experience the S.A. Prüm tasting room at their estate in Bernkastel-Kues and stay in one of their guest suites to fully experience their wines and surroundings.

S.A. Prüm is globally renowned for their exceptional cellar-worthy wines, spanning classic dry and sweet styles, making them a benchmark for Riesling and German wine enthusiasts.

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Location: Mosel Valley, Germany

Year Founded:  1910, though records show the family name in wine dating to 1156

Owner(s):  Saskia Prüm

Winemaker(s):  Saskia Prüm

Release Schedule:  Varies

Cultivated Area:  11 ha (28 acres)

Topography:  Steep Mosel hillsides

Soil Type:  Devonian slate

Annual Production:  10,000 cases

Varieties Cultivated:  Riesling


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